I think I’m A Whore

So I joined my 5th Temp Agency yesterday.  I totally laughed at myself and right out loud, in the street proclaimed myself the “Temp Whore” people kinda looked at me like I needed to march myself the psych hospital.

You know everyone told me that resigning from my job  took balls and good for me, BUT what they didn’t say is that getting back on that work horse was going to be very difficult, and let me tell ya, it is VERY hard out there. In another post  will explain why I resigned my job, but today I just want to say  SOMEONE HIRE ME PLEASE! I’ve been out of money for  about 6months. So what does someone do you ask, why join the temp agencies thats what!

Of course what the temp agencies don’t tell you ( And I mean of course they won’t tell this secret, why incriminate themselves right?) but what they don’t tell you is that they don’t actually FIND work for you at all. They sit there and pretend to actually be “Looking” for you. Of course they also have their go to’s and favorites, which I am not in any of those categories. My career counselor (Cause yes I have that too) she said to me that I am at the bottom of the totem poll in regards to the temp agencies. There are so many people like me wanting admin jobs and the temp agencies have people lined up for those jobs already. It sucks but thats how it goes. And of course if you bother them over and over then they just “forget” about you. So I’ve joined Express Professional, Adecco, Lucas Works!, Kelly Service’s, and recently Drake International. Now apart from Drake guess how many jobs I’ve gotten from all of those temp agencies, go ahead guess…the answer 1. I had 1 day of work from one of these temp agencies.  I made 90 dollars in the month of February.

I think thats utterly horrible and Disgusting. I’ve reached out so  many times to these agencies too, People say hound the hell out of them, so I do and still nothing. I even think with some of them I’m no longer considered a client of there anymore because I haven’t worked for them in three months. I want to believe that Drake will end up doing something for me, and then I can say that Drake is the best of them, always go to Drake, we’ll see though.

What drives me up the wall is the logos these agencies have for instance Express Says Respecting people, Impacting Business…really you respect people? Hmmm well maybe I’m the concession then, cause I’ve emailed, called and nothing. Then there’s Adecco, they say Better Work, Better life. I thought at first that these guys would pull through for me, but nope, they said that because my references didn’t respond back to them that I lost out on a potential placement and then I email my contact for Adecco saying tat I saw some posts on the website that interest me and that I’m qualified for, and do you think I hear back from her…why o I d not actually, she actually sent me a message saying sorry for not getting back to me sooner, wow the nerve.  Then there’s Kelly Services they say A people company, staffing the world and that “we invest in people” really?!? you do, I joined, the next day the position they had in mind for me was filled and that was it! SO now I’m hoping with Drake International it will be different, that they will in fact stand out from the all, time will tell of course.

Okay my rant is over, it’s just very frustrating when you do everything your supposed to, and you go over and beyond even to let them know you are still around and yet they treat you like dirt, and a number and not worth their time. It sucks and is heart breaking and goodness I hope they don’t find themselves like me one day cause then they will know what its like.



A Tale as old as…

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, even way back in the early 2000’s. I had this wild crazy dream that I would somehow make it big on the bloggersphere and perhaps it would become a “Job” somehow…that or I would just pen the ultimate novel…whichever came first.

Then Life got in the way and before I knew it, I was living in London, ON and had a boyfriend who turned into a fiancee who then turned into a husband. I had a full time job that required my utmost attention day in and day out. Before long writing just became a thing I “used” to do.

This past year alone, I had some very BIG things happen to me, some I will comment on in later posts. Suddenly I found myself  WITHOUT. Without a job, without a car, without that baby-we-were-trying-for, without my smile, without any happiness. It was a living nightmare, my ultimate hell.

So I made a decision. I decided to get out of  the “Without” world, and go after my dreams, all of em,  if I fail at them all, well I hope its down with flair. So hence this blog. I will do my very best to come on here everyday and just talk about my day or a thought I had, this is a promise I’m making to myself.

Though I don’t wish to air out my dirty laundry on  Social Media too much, I will give insight on how the 30 year old “Without” brain works and how I overcome the many obstacles in place of me. Will this blog go anywhere but right here? who knows, I guess in time I will figure it out.

So for now to all who happened to stumble across the blog, welcome to my world.